Examining the Legal Dimensions of ILO’s Various Conventions and Their Adherence in Pakistan Concerning Labour Safety and Security


  • Mr. Khawaja Tajammul Hussain Ph.D Scholar in the Department of School of Law, University of Karachi.
  • Prof. Dr. Qamar Abad School of Law, University of Karachi.




Safety and Security of workers


This study paper depicts various legal aspects of the 'Safety & Security' of workers not only under the prevailing labour laws in the country but also in the light of international bindings through ILO Conventions # 155 (1981) and 187 (2006), it is an obligation for the state to provide safety and security to workers. Further, in terms of ILO's Conventions, 87 and 98 to which Pakistan is a signatory and its compliance seems to be binding on the country i.e. 'Freedom of Association' and 'Right to organize and collective bargaining', respectively.  Also, various aspects are discussed under prevailing Labour Laws i.e. Industrial Relations Act (IRA) 2012.  The main objective of this paper is to identify and ensure welfare and provisions of safety and security to the workers/workmen. However, the above conventions have also been given constitutional protection through Article 17 of the 1973 Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.  In this regard, the applied research methodology under Thematic Analysis has been the main source of this paper which includes various secondary sources such as documents, and newspaper-published articles. In the discussion part, the study uncovered real-life incidents that took place due to a lack of safety and security that depicts that Pakistan needs to work more efficiently or should have monitoring teams to look up security and safety measures for labour in the economy.


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