About the Journal


About us


The Centre of Excellence for Women's Studies (CEWS) at the University of Karachi is the leading centre in the field of teaching and research in Women's Studies in Pakistan. Established as a project in 1989 by the Ministry of Women Development, Government of Pakistan, CEWS has a special appeal for students from all over the country.

The Centre is engaged in bridging the gap between academic knowledge about women and their every-day life experiences. Innovative courses and seminars offered at the Centre and research conducted here aims at generating a knowledge with the purpose of identifying hitherto under-used and neglected human resources for national growth.

Our Goals

  • To create a better understanding of the scope and concepts of Womens Studies in the context of Pakistan

  • To critically analyze the status and role of women, both historically and contemporaneously

  • To critically evaluate development approaches and strategies as they affect women in particular and society in general

  • To enhance an increasing participation of women in mainstream national development through effective and judicious use of information technology

  • To help develop sustainable strategies for combating health, poverty, and environmental hazards


The objective of the Journal is to generate and disseminate knowledge regarding gender issues nationally and internationally with a critical perspective. Its aim is to promote consciousness and awareness about gender equity and balance in human interaction including academic work. In this regard, the journal explores what is meant by gender needs and gender perspective and how these can be best met. 



The journal covers all aspects of gender and women issues. The research environment has undergone tremendous transformation phase in recent years, focusing on various complex issues. The journal publishes

  • Interdisciplinary research in the field of Women and Gender Studies.
  • Review of books, film and theatrical performances.
  • Reports on National and International conferences, symposia and workshops etc. about Women and Gender Studies.

The journal is published twice a year, in March and September. The journal not only explores what is meant by gender needs and gender perspective but also create new ways to face challanges of the globalized world locally and globally. This publication is currently published only in English language, however, in view of our national needs, the abstract is translated in urdu as well