Role Of Rural Women In Development And Export Earnings Of Pakistan's Dairy Industry


  • Saman Hussain
  • Rummana Zaheer



Dairy industry of Pakistan encounters many improving measurements to ensure the acceptability of its products in international market. For the purpose Pakistan Dairy Development Council (PDDC) introduces many innovative measures. While discussing the implication of these measures the training and skills of labor force working in industry matters a lot. It is the feature of Pakistan's dairy industry that a prominent ratio of its labor force is from the always neglected strata of society, the rural women. Women play both the direct and indirect role in managing livestock in rural regions of Pakistan. While observing role of dairy industry in export earnings, the services of its major labor force (rural women) should not be neglected. This paper is an attempt to discuss the development and export earnings of Pakistan's dairy industry and correspondence potential role of rural women with special reference to food security and poverty eradication in country. It is the descriptive analysis of data from 1961 to 2018.




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Hussain, S., & Zaheer, R. (2020). Role Of Rural Women In Development And Export Earnings Of Pakistan’s Dairy Industry. Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies, 20(1), 211–228.