Analysis Of Quality Of Life Of Dialysis Patients (Male And Female) With Kidney Disease


  • Aqeel Haider Deparetment of Social Work , University of Karachi
  • Prof.Dr.Nasreen Aslam Shah Department of Social Work & Women's Studies, University of Karachi
  • Dr.Muhammad Shahid Deparetment of Social Work , University of Karachi



Focus of the investigation is to get some answers concerning the kidney illness and its effects on the everyday lives of the patients. Mostly patients don't think about the causes and how this illness is influencing and hauling them to finish their life step by step, so this examination will be useful to comprehend the Kidney sicknesses effect financial and mental health of dialysis patients. Any harm which disturbs the roles of the kidneys and stops them to work normally is basically Kidney disease. In this study quantitative research method is used along with the non-probability sampling technique to collect data from the selected sample by using interview schedule and purposive and snowball sampling technique. The sample size is 200 respondents to gather the genuine information identified with this exploration from patients experiencing dialysis or kidney ailments. The Universe of this study would be the registered patients of the Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi. According to the findings dialysis really keeps the body in balance by giving it what it requires like evacuating waste, salt, and additional water from the body to cause hurt. It assists with dealing with the degree of specific synthetic substances safe in the blood like sodium, potassium and bicarbonate. It likewise controls the circulatory strain of the kidney patients.




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Haider, A., Shah, N. A., & Shahid, M. (2020). Analysis Of Quality Of Life Of Dialysis Patients (Male And Female) With Kidney Disease. Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies, 20(1), 1–20.