Effects Of Sports And Social Well-Being On Physical And Mental Health Of Pakistani Women


  • Shagufta Jahangir Women’s Studies, University of Karachi
  • Dr. Asma Manzoor Women’s Studies, University of Karachi




Sports Women, Social Well-Being, Physical Health, Mental Health, Misconception.


Sports are very trendy observable fact in the world. It is the greatest extensive communal institution of contemporary civilization. It increases social hierarchies of any society, which is based on class, competition, gender and ethnicity. Almost all societies of the world aren’t comfortable that women get involved in games, while it plays a vital role in shaping social, cultural and economic values. Usually Women at their peak lacks in physical and mental strength as compared to men because they cannot sustain fatigue and strain beyond certain limit therefore, they have to compromise their sports careers usually before attaining the highest goal. The objective of this study is to explore different perspectives regarding sports women in sports activities and it also aims to analyze critically the misconceptions regarding women sports. The researcher has used both qualitative and quantitative research method and by using snowball sampling technique collected data through the interview schedule from 210 sports women residing in different places of Pakistan and hence, five case studies are in corporated in this study. The findings of the study highlight that societal misconceptions have strictly prohibited women from sports activities because dominant people create misconceptions regarding women sports in the society according to their own perceptions. It is observed that wrong fallacies regarding sports activities are very strong in the Pakistani society, which restricts women to participate in sports activities. According to the research findings it is the responsibility of the Government to facilitate women and provide them different facilities which not only assure their mental health but also provide them opportunity of full participation in sports by providing them childcare facilities, economic stability, maintaining their social respect, self - esteem, and empowering them.






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Jahangir, S., & Manzoor, A. (2019). Effects Of Sports And Social Well-Being On Physical And Mental Health Of Pakistani Women. Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies, 18(1), 145–164. https://doi.org/10.46568/pjgs.v18i1.30