Gender Discrimination in Media as Workplace: A Study of Media Environment in Sindh


  • Fazal Hussain Department of Mass-Communication, Federal Urdu University Karachi



Gender Discrimination, Women Journalist, Media, Threats to Journalists, Culture, Social Norms and Values, Economical Model of Society.


This study explores media industry in the province of Sindh, Pakistan for gender discrimination. It is generally believed that gender discrimination is based on patriarchal conception of society and is greatly rooted in culture whereas the economical and social models are also responsible for inculcating discrimination based on gender. But the changing patterns of social institutions and the transforming trends in financial designs are determining new standards and definitions. Although the feminist theorists and feminist’s movements have played magnificent role for the eradication of gender discrimination but the mindsets are still to be changed because they are hardened by socialization and cemented by customs, culture and religion for centuries. This research attempts to consult working journalists for whether they have faced, or facing, or observed, or observing discrimination within the media theatre, or the field is free of these curses. This study employs survey technique using a close ended questionnaire constructed under Guttmann Scale. It also conducts face-to- face interviews with senior journalists in Karachi, Hyderabad and Larkana implanting snowball method to deeply explore the media environment in Sindh for gender discrimination. On the basis of its findings, this research offers some implications and suggestions for policy framing and future research.






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Hussain, F. (2019). Gender Discrimination in Media as Workplace: A Study of Media Environment in Sindh. Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies, 18(1), 23–42.