Perception Of Female Teachers In Transferring Peace Concepts Among Adult Students


  • Dr. Aziz-Un-Nisa Department of Education, University of Karachi
  • Ms. Sajida Parveen Department of Teacher Education, University of Karachi



Peace Education, Perceptions, Behavior


Peace education attempts to promote awareness of non-violent and positive means of production with conflicts and violent concepts, and to endorse necessary capabilities, knowledge, attitudes and values. This purpose of this empirical study was to examine the Perceptions of Female Teachers in Transferring Peace Concepts among adult Students of public and private schools in Pakistan. However, Mix method, sequential explanatory method was used to attain the objectives of the study. Data of the main study was drawn from students of secondary level of the public and private sector of district Korangi of Karachi, Pakistan. Random sampling technique was employed to select participants of the study. Data was collected equally from both genders. Quantitative data gathered through questionnaire from female teachers and analyzed by using SPSS qualitative data was analyzed with themes. The results of this empirical study revealed that education, schools and teachers are playing influential role in transferring peace concepts and behaviors among adult students it is very vital part of peace building in students and also for their character building. This study concludes that teachers are basic pillar for the building knowledge and behaviors, teachers and educational institution can develop peace concepts and behavior through teaching and developing needs of our violently ill society through mainstreaming peace concepts in education system. Research findings also exposed that Teachers are aware to the meaning and understanding of peace concept to some extent. It was recommended that School atmosphere, teachers, classroom environment, curriculum, activities and concerned school setting should be transformed in such a way to reduce violent actions and conflicted situations in school that will lead to better future citizens.






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Nisa, A. .-U.-., & Parveen, S. (2019). Perception Of Female Teachers In Transferring Peace Concepts Among Adult Students. Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies, 18(1), 1–22.