Prevalence Of Sexual Harassment Among Sportswomen In Pakistan


  • Shagufta Jahangir Women Studies University of Karachi
  • Dr Asma Manzoor Women Studies, University of Karachi



Sexual harassment (SH) in sports is present in all over the world due to socially constructed values, myths and norms. Harassment is faced by large number of women in sports and it is present in all individual and team sports. The ratio is less in South Asian region as compared to western countries and it is also present in Pakistan. The objective of the research is to explore the social behaviors with the victimized sports women of SH in the Pakistani society. The researcher has used non-probability method in which purposive sampling method is used to collect data through interview schedule from 210 sports women residing in different places of Pakistan. Findings of the study highlights that sport women face SH. According to sports women they are harassed or abused by their male counterparts, i.e. which are their trainers, coaches and lower staff even during travelling for their sports seasons. The results of SH showed that women left sports due to the social norms of the society. Women hide such incidents due to the sake of self-respect, self-esteem and family honor. It is observed that women who faced SH usually attempt suicide to protect their honor. As a result, these women fear and hate men and they face psychological issues. This article aims to describe that SH is present in sports in Pakistan like other countries and females are aware about it, because usually in Pakistani society such cases are kept hidden. The importance of this study is to aware women about SH so that they can safeguard themselves.




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Jahangir, S., & Manzoor, A. (2018). Prevalence Of Sexual Harassment Among Sportswomen In Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Gender Studies, 16(1), 201–216.