Importance and Utility of Children in the light of Quran and Hadith


  • Abdur Razzak Shehzad Siyalvi Women's Studies, University of Karachi
  • Muhammad Shahid Deparetment of Social Work , University of Karachi
  • Tabassum Kulsoom Faizi Department of Islamic Studies, Federal Urdu University



Islam outlines the basic principles regarding the treatment of the children. According to the teachings of Quran, the material things of this world and children are the test of this life. The Prophet (PUBH) enjoined upon the parents to take care of the religious instruction of their children from the very beginning, otherwise they will be called to account for negligence on the day of judgement. They must be properly brought and taught good manners. In the contemporary world, how to raise children is a major issue. The Muslims are instructed to keep in mind that it is Allah who gives them Rizq and to the children as well. So it is a major sin to kill the children for want and poverty. Allah says: "Kill not your children on a plea of want, We provide sustenance for you and for them" Those who make their children good human being and good Muslim are getting the reward of descendents, provides the parents an equal share of rewards in their graves.




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Siyalvi, A. R. S., Shahid, M. ., & Faizi, T. K. . (2016). Importance and Utility of Children in the light of Quran and Hadith. Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, 3(1), 33–46.




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