Services of Women in Preaching Hadith Knowledge


  • Muhammad Younus Khalid Department of Quran-O- Sunnah, University of Karachi
  • Dr.Ubaid Ahmed Khan Department of Islamic Learning, University of Karachi



Knowledge, Hadith, Services of Women, Education


Hadith is the precious talk, discussion and conversation of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), indirect revelation and is the authentic commentary of the Holy Quran. From the beginning of the history of Islam after the Holy Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H), Muslim ummah: including gents and ladies has been making efforts to save Prophet Muhammad's (SAWS) Hadiths. Because Hadith is the authentic exaggeration of the Holy Quran. Without hadith one cannot understand the correct meaning of the Holy Quran. If we take a glance on the history of Islam, we can observe that with gents side by side ladies took effective part in taking of hadith and its spread. Due to acknowledgement of these services of women of Islam, Muslim Ulema have been writing various books and also gave them various scholarly titles, like Syda, Musnada, shykha and likewise. In current age there are a lot of books and articles were written, like "Ai-ala mun-nisa, Alddurrulmanthur, Almaratul Muslima etc, but all were in Arabic language. In Urdu there is a shortage of books and also articles in this topic. That is why this article is being presented as a prolongation of series of acknowledgement of the Services of Muslim Women's effort in the field of hadith in Urdu.




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