Review: Equal Participation of Women State Administration and Country Affairs


  • Dr. Humera Naz Department of Islamic History, University of Karachi



Women partnership, Equality, State


The status and rights of women in the society is all time favorite subject of discussion among scholars. Islam not only presented comprehensive and fundamental rules and guidance for the social status and position of women but it also determines their field of life. In addition, with all rights are bestowed to women, which provide her chances to go forward in struggle of life. Indeed, Islam recognizes the principle of equality in all important matter of life but it does not ignore the physical and psychological differences of men and women. It gives them rights in accordance with the responsibilities in their respective fields, so that they would benefit the society as per their capabilities. Therefore an important subject regarding the women's right is "the equal participation of women in state affairs." The subject has divided our schools of thought in two groups; one is not ready to accept the participation of women in state affairs while other believes in same field of action for both men and women. However, there are clear instructions in Quran regarding the matter, according to which there is no difference between the civil rights of men and women however keeping in view the natural difference of both genders. Islam determines the rights and duties of both genders separately so that they would use spiritual and physical capabilities accordingly, to play an important role in progress and development of society.




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