"Sati" A Critical Analysis of Socio Religious Tradition imposed on Widows


  • Dr. Haifz Muhammad Sani Department of Quran-O- Sunnah, Urdu University Karachi
  • Dr. Abida Parveen Sheikh Zayed Islamic Research Centre,University of Karachi




Hinduism Tradition of Sati - burning of a wife on the fire after her husband's death. Its historical and critical review. The custom of Sati has gained a peculiar notoriety with reference to Hindu Society and Hinduism in the civilizations and cultural system of the world and in world religions. There is a fundamental importance of various customs and rituals in Hinduism. The customs and ceremonies of Hindu civilization, culture and their religious values and teachings the part of them. In these rituals, Sati is also a ritual which has been practiced from a long time, having the certification from religion in Hindu social system. It has been existing in the Hindu Civilization and social system for centuries. Widows, with the name of Sati, have been putting themselves on the pyres of husband in fire, after their death. This research based article is written after making a thorough study of the books of Hindu religion, its history, books and literature written on custom observing in society. It presents its reasons and causes of historical view, critically besides its historical background. It opens up the causes and reasons of this human's ritual from its start to practice and its evolution in the Hindu Social System.




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Sani, M., & Parveen, A. (2018). "Sati" A Critical Analysis of Socio Religious Tradition imposed on Widows. Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, 7(1), 21–40. https://doi.org/10.46568/pjass.v7i1.477