Universal Message of Peace in the Light of Qur'an and Hadith


  • Dr. Badaruddin Department of Arabic, Urdu University, Abdul Haq Campus Karachi




History of the world teaches us that the mental instability of Halaku, Changez Khan and Hitler resulted in the great human blood baths and the destruction world peace. Presently, the rulers of the White House and the White Hall are treading the same path of violence and bloodshed. Contrariwise, the concept of peace is so entrenched in Islam that the other religions of world can scarcely stand parallel to it. The message of universal peace in Islam has the sole objective of bring the various nations of the world nearer to one another and establish a society and world state in which the entire humankind can live in a state of perpetual peace and tranquillity. We, the Muslims of the world should try to take measures against the obstacles in the way of peace and stability according to the teachings of Islam. To achieve his noble objective the Muslims should show determination to tread the path of righteousness and piety. If will result in the establishment of peace, stability and tranquillity throughout the length and breadth of the world. In the present era, the Muslims are themselves responsible for the absence of peace in the Muslim world particularly, and in the entire world generally. The reason is that Muslims have distanced themselves from the teachings of the Quran and Ahadis. The strategy should be to acquaint the Muslims with the teachings of Islam and then spread these teachings among other nations of the world. The consequence will be the Universal peace, stability and tranquillity.




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