Biography: Anees by Nayyar Masood (An Overview of his Sketch writing)


  • Muhammad sajid Khan Department of Urdu, University of Karachi



Biography, Literary Genre, Sketch Writing


The article aims at exploring and analyzing the sketch-writing in Anees, a biography written by Nayyar Masood. The sketches usually appeared in a biography is little different from a sketch developed as a genre in Urdu literature. The reason to see such sketches is to know how importance given by the biographer to those influencing the life and time of the hero of the biography. A successful biography is what in which the time and life of the hero appeared vividly as it leads readers to understand the era, literary culture of the time, political atmosphere and various linguistic trends. It happens when a biographer focuses the hero and his or her contemporaries. The way contemporaries are focused in a biography it forms a genre in literature. The article gives instances from Anees to suppert his view and paving the way for a new genre in literature. This article also discusses some of the factors relevant to form a genre.




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Khan, M. sajid. (2017). Biography: Anees by Nayyar Masood (An Overview of his Sketch writing). Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, 5(1), 35–42.