Analysis Of Gender Stereotypes In Movies


  • Seema Manzoor Women's Studies University of Karachi
  • Dua-e-Rehma Women's Studies University of Karachi
  • Samina Rauf Department of Social Work, University of Karachi



Structure of the society is the arrangement of various factors on the basis of traditions and ethics, and these values are transferred from generation to generation. The most important thing is that the pattern of the society should be balanced, which is obviously not practical in our society as this trend is seen in all aspects of our life. Media is a very important institution, yet it has not portrayed women in positive manner. If we see film medium, women are represented as sex object and commodity in a stereotypical roles. This under representation of women in movies created imbalance in the society, yet it also embeds a negative and inferior image of women in people’s mind. In this study, to highlight these issues library research and content analysis is used to analyze gender stereotype in movies because women are projected and used as commodity in movies which distorts their image.




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Manzoor, S., Rehma, D.- e-., & Rauf, S. (2016). Analysis Of Gender Stereotypes In Movies. Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, 4(1), 95–109.